An Ultimate Guide To Get Rich (Quickly Or Slowly)

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Getting Rich is probably the most glamorous dream yet rarely comes true.

Frankly tell me how do you think about getting rich? What’s your feeling about millionaires?

Why some riches are getting even richer with time no matter how hard the situations are? Do they have some magical powers that changed their lives overnights? Do you think people are rich because they belong to rich families? Then what about the self-made billionaires?

Being specific to the self-made, what’s your opinion on self-made billionaires? How did they get rich?

I’m asking these questions because if you just realize how people get rich, you could easily be one of them. You will also be convinced that there is no christlike or magical spell that can change someone’s life overnight.

In fact there is no shortcut to success. You can’t get rich overnight but surely, you can become a self-made billionaire if you follow the right steps that actually help the people to be successful.

But before proceeding to these steps that actually make people rich, I really want you to understand why people don’t get rich. Why even after getting the answer on how to get rich, not everyone is gonna be rich? You must understand the reason behind it. Because, maybe, you’re one of them. So until you acquaint with the main hurdle and remove it, nothing will work for you.

Why most of the people aren’t rich?

A quite common hurdle is, all those, who don’t follow the right steps of getting rich and make lame excuses can’t be rich. They just beat about the bush and don’t take responsibility for being rich, therefore never become wealthy.

Such people don’t have a good financial IQ and even don’t want to improve it but they are always looking for some shortcuts to become wealthy.

Making long story short, if you have the courage to take responsibility for making you able to get rich then surely nothing can become an obstacle in your way.

Now let’s discuss all the essential steps that actually made self-made millionaires.

Change your approach

It’s said that most of the belief system that we have in our lives comes from our parents. It’s true to some extent because your first 7 years are your most important years. Whatever you’re taught in your first 7 years of your life, it becomes a pattern of your thinking for whole life. So whatever you learn in your first 7 years is installed in your mind like a program and the rest of your life,this pre-fed software governs your acts.

If you had some bad exposures in your childhood, you suffer from anxieties and depressions. But the good news is, Dr. Bruce Lipton has said that you can change that program even after the age of 7 years. If you listen to the personal development cassettes when you’re about to sleep it helps you reprogram your system.

There is another term that most influential motivational speaker Jim Rohn use to believe is that you’re the average of the 5 friends. It’s now a psychological fact that people with whom you share your ideas have a great impact on your belief system.

So if you want to get rich you should be much careful about what you’re telling yourself. In research, it’s found that whatever you speak to yourself becomes a reality for you. So stop telling yourself that something is impossible because there is no such reality.

If someone else has achieved it, so you can by following that person. So if there are self-made billionaires then surely you can find some clues to become one of them.

Be careful about your association

As I told you that you’re an average of 5 people you spend most of the time with. It means if your best friends and your most trustworthy don’t believe in your dreams, you’re ultimately gonna quit soon.

So it’s a really important step you should take if you want to become wealthy. Don’t discuss and don’t spend most of your time with those who aren’t successful in their financial career. Their approach must be limited and so will become yours.

If you want to improve your relationships and you get advice from the people who aren’t good at their associations, you shouldn’t trust them. Because they can only tell you what’s not working but they can never tell what’s working in relationships.

So, keep associations with those who are well-disciplined, well educated and financially strong in their fields. Such people will believe in your big dreams and they will motivate you to go and get your dreams.

You might be thinking that how the association can make you rich? If you’re thinking so, then just try it once in your life and let me know the results.

It’s possible that you live in a village where people aren’t goal-oriented and they even don’t want to get rich, in such a case with whom you should be in touch?

In such a case, buy some books or cassettes of successful people and motivational speakers, especially entrepreneurs of your field, they will become your friends and they will literally, change your approach. Even a single cassette of Tony Robbins will change your approach by 180.

Pay yourself first

It’s one of the most important things that I learned from tons of financial development books. Even if you start from the Bible of getting rich ” the richest man in the Babylon” (that was published in 1930 and millions of copies are sold) to Robert Kiyosaki’s series. Every financial coach will ask you to pay yourself first.

It means that whatever you earn (that doesn’t matter) you should keep at least 10% and up to 30 percent of your money for yourself. Because it’s a fact that you feel more positive when you have some money in your pocket.

You can think better and you deal with people in a better way. Just try it once. The positive vibes that come in your mind make you feel good. And it has a great impact on all of your life.

Let the money work for you

This money that you pay yourself isn’t for paying bills but you will use this money to work for you. It means you have to invest this money wisely so that this 10% of your incomes will make more money for you.

It’s found by many coaches that people use to claim that their finances are automated, they can’t stop paying bills and all that. In such a case, you can change your habit slowly starting from 1% and turn this 1% into 10% (at least) with time.

If you won’t start today from 1% then you’ll never find it feasible for you to save 10%. So don’t underestimate the value of paying yourself first.

It’s also possible that you aren’t habitual of keeping the money in your pocket, it happens with most of the people. So in such a case, you can directly put that money into your savings account. You might get surprised and inspired to know that Jim Rohn opened his first saving account with just $10 and a few years later it was the wealthiest account in that bank.

Invest in yourself

If you listen to famous entrepreneur and financial coaches like Nepolean Hill, Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, Brain Tracy, Warren Buffey and Robert Kiyosaki. All of them will ask you to invest in yourself first.

Warren Buffet once said the most precious investment that I made was investing in myself.
So if you really want to get rich, then surely it’s the most important clue that rich people can ever leave for you. As you become well educated and smarter so as you’re precious and valuable.

Let me give you an example, you see that financial coaches charge you a high amount just because they have knowledge of what you don’t have. And you’re ready to pay them to guide you with the knowledge what they have extracted from the books.

I just want you to read those books on your own so that you could increase your financial IQ. Robert Kiyosaki said in his book “Increase your financial IQ” that as you increase your financial IQ you become more secure to take risks and make more wealth

Focus on assets column more than liabilities
My mentor Robert Kiyosaki taught me that rich people become richer and poor people become poor because they have a focus on different columns.

Poor people love to spend more on liabilities like having a car, a big house and all that. They even take loans for buying liabilities. But wealthy people have a different approach. They invest more in increasing assets. They don’t buy a luxury car with a loan but they invest their money and when that money makes money for them, they think to buy liabilities.

There is nothing wrong with buying liabilities, but until you don’t have a strong assets column, you should avoid spending on liabilities.

Start investing

As you have 10% of your savings in your hand. Don’t just keep it in your pocket. Although it’s really pleasant to have some money in your pocket but believe me it’s more pleasant when you see your money working for you.

Robert Kiyosaki used to believe that there are two pcategories in which all the people fall. One are those who work for money all their lives. The second ones are those for whom money works.

Don’t be the one of the majority who has equal opportunities as entrepreneurs have but still they never take a risk of investing. Definitely investing is a risk, who said it’s not? Surely it is, but when you invest in your self-education and you’re taking control of your money surely it’s no risk that much.

Let’s say you have saved a few thousand dollars that you can now invest. You should see the most secure ways that you can use to invest your money. It’s never recommended to put your money in a vain.

While investing you must remember that it doesn’t matter where you invest but the thing that really matters is you should have great knowledge of that field. Or at least the person should be an expert on whom you’re investing. You can become a silent partner with someone who has a grip on real estate but don’t try it on your own if you don’t have much knowledge of it. If you’re really interested in real estate then you must learn it.

Special Note: I guarantee you that there is no shortcut to get rich overnight – if you don’t rob a bank. So please avoid all those scammers who let you daydream of becoming rich without any struggle. It’s never happened (with lotteries exception) and it won’t happen to you.

Take calculated risks

I usually meet people who are interested to get rich but they don’t have the courage to take risks. Taking risks is essential but it’s always good to take calculated risks.

Calculated risks mean you should have full control over your money and the business. If you’re a beginner to a field you must remember that you’re gonna make mistakes but making mistakes isn’t bad if you learn something valuable.

So in such a case, where you’re taking the risk for a better thing, get more and more knowledge about that risk. In simple, learn all the possible aspects of that field in which you’re gonna investing. You must learn from others, why some people are getting rich in that field and why some failed? What difficulties did they find? How to solve such problems?

If you can answer these questions and you’re sure that you won’t make such mistakes, it means you can now take a risk because you will have better control over your investment now.

Stop procrastinating

It’s a major thing that won’t let you become rich ever in your life. It’s said that over 90 percent of the people who have some ideas in their lives don’t even bother to implement them in their lives.

They feel secure in having a paycheck and live a moderate life. If you’re one of them, you’re not gonna be rich until you implement your ideas and make them happen.

I don’t know your situations, maybe, you’re suffering a hard time this time, whatever is that, don’t let it be a regret for you at the deathbed. Don’t just wait for a good time to start your own business and implement your own ideas. If you won’t implement your ideas today, good time will never come.

So just do it today and see the results.